Down the Memory Lane, The Mariam High Chronicles

How Mariam High was birthed

It was in the village Kisaasi / Kisota Zone where Sheikh Lubega Lived. Besides him being a prominent sheikh, Sheikh Lubega was such a rich man with big chunks of Land in Kisaasi ans Kyanja. Now in his late 90's and almost all his children above the age of 10, he decided to distribute his land among his children when he was still alive. The part which remained, about 5 acres was donated to the Muslim Community as Waqf. Sheikh Rajab Lubega wished to have on this a school constructed preferably for girls' School, and also if possible together with a vocational school and with a health care which could serve he community of Kisaasi.

In 1984, Sheikh Rajab Lubega invited the Muslim elders from UMEA and handed over the land to Sheikh Rajab Kakooza, the Chief Khadi a land title measuring 2.02 hectares * Block 214 Plot 472 * of Kyaddondo. The Muslim education association now became the trustee of this land. Among the trustees of this Land who are still living is Sheikh Abdul Qadir Mbogo and Sheikh Rajab Kakooza.

It is unfortunate that Sheikh Rajab Lubega didn't live to see the fruits of his donation for he died few years later. May Allah reward him abundantly. His burial place is just near the school dormitory

The project takes Shape

With the acquisition of land, UMEA under its directorate of Education took up the task of looking for the funds to have the construction of the school. Finally one prominent businessman and a Sheikh from United Arab Emirates class Abul Majid was identified and accepted to offer the funds for the construction for the school premises.

Sheikh Abdul Majid sent the funds through Munadhamat Dawat Islamiah an organisation in Sudan through its offices in Uganda. Munadhamat took up the responsibility of putting up the initial structure which included the school Mosque, 2 classroom blocks with a total of 4 rooms, dormitory block and a borehole. The Head Teachers' house matron's house with another room to act as dining were also constructed. This was the beginning of Munadhamat involvement in the affairs of Mariam High School to the present

N.B The current block which serves as the Labaratory "now" was the initial dormitory.

The Establishment of Mariam High School soon changed Kisaasi Village. Taxis started coming to Kisaasi bringing parents to the school. The local community also benefited because the school started giving some people jobs, both professional and non-professional. Those with houses which they could rent to the school as teachers' headquarters also benefited. The price of Land around the school also appreciated. Five years after it's establishment, one couldn't get lost from Kampala to Kisaasi because of the School, of Mariam High which was well-known to the people

Late Sheikh Rajab Lubega had wished to have a girls school constructed on this piece of Land but didn't impose any other thing not even the name of the school. It is related that when Sheikh Abdul Majid accepted to fund the construction of the school premises, he requested those with whom he charge found nothing wrong with the name Mariam after all it was going to be a girls' school. This was therefore the beginning of Mariam High School.

Mariam High School opens its Doors to Students - February 1991.

Mariam High School opened it's doors to the students in 1991. It started as high school with only one level i.e Advanced Level. It become the first Private Muslim Girl's High School in the history of Uganda. Hitherto, the community had only Nabisunsa Girl's school and a government owned school and taking a limited number of students. Therefore, the opening of this school was timely ans a relief to the Muslim Community

Personalities that Shaped Mariam High School.

At the heart of a vibrant academic institution is the presence of an Institutional head who rises to the occasion in enabling it scale the heights and meet stakeholder expectations. In this segment of the Mariam High Chronicles, we profile personalities who have been at the helm of the mighty Mariam High and the strides they took to enable it to be where it is today.

MR. LUZINDA.A. KATEREGGA (1991 - 1992)

Upon announcement of operations in 1991, the board of Governors appointed Mr. Luzinda.A Kateregga as the Head Teacher and Mrs Khadijah Mayanja as the Deputy. Mr Luzinda hence became the *First* Head Teacher of Mariam High School. Mr Luzinda came from Kololo High School from where he picked a couple of his pioneer staff to hit the road running. He served the school upto the end of 1992 when the board decided to have a change of the Head Teacher.

HAJJ MBAZIIRA SWAIB. (1993 - 2002)

On *1 February 1993*, Hajji. Swaib Mubiru Mbaziira was appointed the new Head Teacher of Mariam High School. Hajj Swaib had served in different schools. First as Deputy Head Teacher of Kibuli S.S between *1978 - 1984*