Our School Ground

The school ground at Mariam High School is a spacious and well-maintained outdoor area that provides students with ample space for recreational activities and outdoor learning. The ground is equipped with a range of facilities to accommodate a variety of sports and games, including a football field, a basketball court, and a running track.

In addition to sports facilities, the school ground also features several outdoor seating areas and benches where students can relax and socialize during break times. The school ground is also home to several large trees and green spaces, providing students with a natural and peaceful environment to enjoy.

The school ground is used for a wide range of activities, including physical education classes, sports practices, and school-wide events like field days and carnivals. It is also used for outdoor learning activities, such as biology classes that explore the natural environment on the school grounds.

Mariam High School takes pride in providing its students with access to a safe and enjoyable outdoor environment that encourages physical activity and socialization. The school ground is regularly maintained by staff to ensure that it remains clean, safe, and well-maintained for all students to use.

Overall, the school ground at Mariam High School is an essential resource for the school community, providing students with a spacious and well-equipped outdoor area for physical activity, outdoor learning, and socialization. Its range of sports facilities, outdoor seating areas, and green spaces make it a valuable asset to the school, fostering a sense of community and school spirit among students and staff alike.