This is the list of personal items a student must bring to the school when reporting on the first day. The school would like to advise parents to clearly mar all items, so that every item is clearly identifiable as belonging to your child (ren). Leisure clothing should be casual and descent.
  1. Mattress of (21/2 Feet by 4" or 3")
  2. Suitcase of (2.4 width, 1.5 length and 10 inches)
  3. Bed Sheets
  4. Blanket and bed cover
  5. 2 Black skirts and plain T-Shirts
  6. Nightdress, at least 4 knickers, 2 half - slips and bathroom sandals
  7. Pillow and pillow case
  8. Towel
  9. 5 rolls of toilet paper and 5 packets of sanitary towels
  10. Food container with a cover and a cap
  11. 3 bars of soap, 4 cubes of bathing soap, tooth brush and paste, shoe polish
  12. A jerrycan
  13. A black Hijab and Yasarna for Muslims
  14. Threads and needle plus nail cutter and shavers
  15. Sanitizers and masks
  16. Snickers / Canvas Shoes
  17. Mosquito net.