Hours of Work / Regulations

Our school runs deep and is backed by over ten years of experience.

1. Mariam High School is a boarding and day school that functions 24hrs during the term. Hence, work hours will be established in a manner that meets the needs of a boarding school

2. The School has *six days* working week and each worker shall have atleast one day off

3. Attendence at the School for atleast a minimum of three full working days

4. Having a minimum of working load of 20 lessons

5. Observation of time management at all times

6. Full attendance of staff meetings and briefing shall be compulsory

7. A teaching staff shall be expected to complete the syllabus within the time allocated in the subject on the school time table. In the event of any official disruption of program, the concerned shall inform the headteacher or her deputies in time to arrange for compensation time which shall be supervised and facilitated by the school

8. Start and end time may vary for different departments, job requirements and seasons shall be determined by management to achieve maximum efficiency in Mariam High School operation

9. The possibilities for different starting and ending times shall be explained to each new employee by the teacher at the time of Job Offer

10. Occasionally, the demand in the department may require a change in the work schedule. In such cases, the department as soon as possible when such circumstances arise.

11. Attendence to duty on prescribed week shall be compulsory.

12. Where the School require the employee to work off station or extra-long hours, the employee maybe given as allowance in line with the payscale of MHS

13. An employee who works outside normal working hours to compensate lessons missed or to cover syllabus or any form of work not covered in normal shall not be entitled to any allowance but may be facilitated by the school if deemed necessary

14. Absenteeism and perpetual late coming within the working days shall be considered a serious omission with may result in disciplinary action and or termination of contact.

15. Holidays shall be considered normal working days. Employees shall be on call *except in third term holiday* when they shall take their compulsory annual leave.

16. To appear at school in descent and formal manner.

17. To ensure that he/she in a clean environent.

Professional Duties of Every Teacher in the school

1. To prepare the schemes of work and lesson plans inline with the approved curriculum on weekly and termly basis.

2. To conduct lessons and remedial work according to the set timetable

3. To participate in setting, administering and marking both internal and external examinations

4. To carryout continous assessment and evaluation of students performance and give appropriately and timely feedback

5. To prepare and select appropriate instructional materials, methodologies and learning aids for classroom instruction

6. To keep class records inventories (registers, records of work, records of marks, progress reports and equipment records) and anvail the supervisor as and when needed.

7. To mentor, guide, and counsel students learners in accordance with the school rules, regulations, Islamic ethics and values

8. To participate in staff, departmental and class meetings

9. To serve as a class teacher and or ahead of department when given the responsibility

10. To participate in co-curricular activities

11. To participate in community activities

12. To conduct any other duties related to the teaching profession with in and outside school as may be assigned from time

13. To participate in public relations and school marketing

14. To participate in all continous development programs (CPD's) within and outside the school organised or authorized by the school government agencies

15. To be self-motivated, creative and innovative in the conduct of duties as a teacher

16. To acquire demonstrate and use the following skills and competences.

  1. Mentoring, guidance and counselling
  2. Pedagogical and psychological skills
  3. Good communication and inert personal skills
  4. Records keeping skills
  5. Computer literacy skills
  6. Curriculum comprehensive and interpretation skills
  7. Life and personal wellness skills
  8. Emotional intelligence
  9. Environment and healthcare skills
  10. Public relations marketing skills
  11. Safety and precautionary measure
  12. Support for special needs required
  13. Leadership skills
  14. Team leading and synergy